Welcome to your Breakthru 2012 weekend packed with Queen!
Fabulous auction, raffle, sit-down dinner, games, videos, karaoke, dance,
costume contest, and incredible Queen fans from all over.
At this rate everyone better be rested up and ready to go,
because the agenda is getting bigger and better everyday!

Keep checking back for changes and more details.


Costume THEME
The call for costume and theme keeps popping up.
Ideas back and forth and viola it seemed to be looking right at us.
It’s the 40th year for Queen!
So let us celebrate that milestone! This means:

You can be anything you want to be……..
Just turn yourself into anything you think that you could ever be…….
Be free with your tempo, be free be free……..
Surrender your ego, be free be…… free to yourself……. And Queen…of course!

70’s Freddie??? Go for it.
Have your first outfit worn to one of their shows??? Wear it!
Favorite costume on a video??? We dare you!

Feeling kind of Deaky???? Bring it on…….
Feeling like wearing leopard pants???? We won’t tell a soul……
Want to be the Dr.??? Make him proud!!!!

Be creative! You have 40 wonderful years of ideas!!!!

LIVE Musical Entertainment
when you hear that rock n roll
it gets down to your soul
when its real rock n roll o rock n roll...

Good Company - Coming from all over North America, these fans ranging in age from their
late teens to early twenties, created a band, rehearsed in ways that are not the norm,
and said "we want to give back to the band that we love" and that they do.
"Good Company" has graciously offered to entertain you on Friday night.
Their love of Queen is evident in their drive and willingness to rock your Friday night!

Rock ala Carte - From the great state of Iowa, Breakthru is pleased to announce that
Rock ala Carte will again be joining the Breakthru fold and will play
like only madman can do for you on Saturday night.

Travelling across the country and carrying equipment with them is never easy,
but for Breakthru and you, the fans, they will do it.
(Click on the logo above to see the website)

Both bands are rushing headlong to Atlanta to give you the best weekend ever!!

Peter "PHOEBE" Freestone!!!
For a 3rd year in a row, Peter Freestone is returning to Breakthru.
This is another
opportunity for fans to meet the man who knew Freddie best,
This year, in addition to filling our hearts with stories of Freddie,
he's using his culinary skills to prepare Saturday night's Feast for us!
Yes, you heard me correctly!

Charity Auction
Some incredible auction items are always in store for you at the auction.
It never ceases to amaze us how generous and kind Queen fans are when it comes to this auction!
As always, proceeds from the raffle and auction, after any expenses, will go to charity.

Last year we raised $3,600 for 2 worthwhile causes.

Memory Board
This year at Breakthru 2012, there will be a memory board posted in order for attendees
to have the opportunity to remember those that we have lost.
Bring pictures and/or notes or mementos of those we have lost last year
and this year to be added to the board.
The display will be up in the ballroom all weekend.


Soon we will be together again, rocking away and dancing to Queen.

We will celebrate the good times and bad times in 2012.

This page will constantly be changing as the registrations come in, the entertainment is formalized.

Friends will be Friends

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